Rose Gardens and Crochet Dresses

Mon Petit Four - Crochet Dress Pattern

So I recently accidently bought 3 metres of this sweet liberty print. Okay, it wasn’t an accident that I bought it (it did have a destined project), but I am absolutely sure I didn’t need 3 metres of it. Tant pis, I knew pretty quickly where I could use it.

Mon Petit Four - Crochet Dress Pattern

Not that long ago I spied with my little eye a gorgeous crochet and linen dress over at Mon Petit Violon, a lovely little number with a delicate granny square bodice. The fabric I had was fun and colourful, and I had some BRIGHT yarn that would match perfectly, so I decided to change the original pattern up a bit to include a bigger and bolder granny square with a flower motif at its centre. To balance out the brightness of the bodice with the skirt, I added a fabric-tie fastener on the shoulder.

View of Blois

Even though the French weather is taking it’s jolly old time turning up the thermostat, we decided to meet my parents for a picnic in the Loire Valley. This is a couple of hours south of Paris, but oh, is it jolie! A picnic in Blois was the order of the day, and we found a magical little spot next to the Roseraie (Rose gardens) that overlooked the old town and the river. It even made up for the fact that there was a spattering of rain. I just so happened to have brought along a lovely little crochet dress for my sweet girl to twirl about the gardens in…

Mon Petit Four - Crochet Dress Pattern


Mon Petit Four - Crochet Dress Pattern


Mon Petit Four - Crochet Dress Pattern

The original tutorial on Mon Petit Violon for this dress is great, so I have only included the pattern for the large flower granny square included in my variation. I have also included a few notes on how to include fabric ties at the shoulder if you would like to do the same.


Large Crochet Granny Square

Ch 6, slip stitch to form a ring.

Round 1 – Ch2 (counts as first dc), 15 dc into ring. Slip stitch into first stitch to join. (16 dc in total)
Round 2 – Ch2 (counts as first dc) dc in same stich,* ch2 skip next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch*, repeat from* to * until end of round, slip stitch into top of first dc of this round.
Round 3 – Slip stitch into first ch2 space. Ch2 (counts as first dc) 6dc 1sc in same space,* in next ch2 space 7dc 1sc*, Repeat from * to * until end of round. Slip stitch into first dc to join.
Round 4 – *Ch4, 1sc in 4th dc of previous round (should be the centre stitch on the ‘petal’ from the previous round), ch4, 1sc in the sc stitch from previous round*. Repeat from * to * until end of round. Slip stitch into ch4 space of this round.
Round 5 – Ch2 (counts as first dc), 2dc in same space, 3dc into next ch4 space, *in next space 3dc 1trc ch2, into next space 1trc 3dc, 3dc in each of the next two spaces*. Repeat from * to * two more times, in next space 3dc 1trc ch2, into next space 1trc 3dc (creates final corner). Slip stitch to join. Fasten off.

Pattern Notes to Create Fabric Shoulder Ties

I will start by saying I made the back crochet piece of my dress slightly higher than the front, this was only because I personally preferred it that way. If you should wish to have the pieces identical, the fabric ties will work just as well, you may just need to make them a little longer to compensate.

These instructions create the loops for the fabric ties. You will make them in the final row of dc in the top (front and back) of the original pattern.
Final row of dc – (this depends on the size of your dress). ch3, dc in next 3 stiches, skip 3 stitches, dc in next stitch. Continue in dc until you are 7 stitches from the end of the row. Ch3, skip next 3 stitches, dc in next 4 stitches. Ch1, turn.
Final row – sc in first 4 stiches, 3 sc into ch3 space, sc in each stitch across to next ch3 space. 3sc into ch3 space, sc in each stitch until end of row. Finish off.

Fabric Ties

The fabric ties were made by sewing a 55 cm (22 inch) by 5cm (2 inch) piece of fabric along the long edge (right side on the inside), and then turning it inside-out. Ends were then hand-sewn closed. Alternatively you could use a piece of ribbon.
Mon Petit Four - Crochet Dress Pattern

32 thoughts on “Rose Gardens and Crochet Dresses”

  1. Oh my! This post is full of delightful things… Liberty, crochet, the Loire and your gorgeous little girl!
    It is so funny because I was looking at a piece if Liberty fabric just the other day thinking that it would make an adorable combo for a little girls dress with some crochet trimming.
    Beautiful work Marisa! Xxx

  2. Marisa this is so so so cute! I LOVE IT! Man I wish I had seen this while my friend who crochets was here I would put her to work ha! I love how bright and happy it is and Chloe is darling as ever!

  3. What a gorgeous little dress! I need to make one of these for my little girl. I just love it. Would you mind coming by The Makers link party over my blog and sharing it with us there? I’m off to pin! 🙂

  4. That´s so cute. And your little girl is sweet as sugar. ♥

    Could it be, that you forget to wrote your very first round of your granny? How many dc´s have you made in the circle?

    1. For this dress I used a yarn called freedom Gorgeous by Twilleys of Stamford (D.K. 4 ply). It is a bamboo and nylon blend and lovely and soft. I hope this helps you Fernanda!

  5. Hi, I have beginner sawing skills and I was wondering how you sew the skirt with the top. Can you write me a few lines on that? Would appreciate that! Thank you, the model is gorgeous!

  6. Hi Marisa! This is such a sweet little dress! Am I missing the sizing information, though? I’ve got two little girls who would love this, but I think your sweet little lady may be a bit smaller than mine, and I don’t trust myself to go on appearances. Also, I didn’t want to assume on the crochet terms. Could you clarify if you are using UK or US crochet terminology? Thanks again!

    1. Hi Amanda, I am glad you like it! This is based off the pattern by Mon Petit Violon where you will be able to find all the sizing information. My pattern is only for the granny squares which form the base of the bodice and was made in a size 3 approximately. I hope this helps you!

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